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"For years I've suffered from arthritis in my legs, specifically in my knees. I rub in a bit of ZIKS and am amazed at the results! Find out for yourself why millions rely on the powerful, long-lasting relief of ZIKS. Take it from a ZIKS user, it really works!"

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Nnodum Pharmaceuticals
P.O. Box 19725
Cincinnati, OH 45219
Phone: 513 861-2329

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Welcome to Nnodum Pharmaceuticals

For too many people, muscle aches, arthritis pain, dry skin and other muscle pains are a part of everyday life. Many people think that there is no solution, so they go on living with debilitating pain that is interrupting some of the most important parts of life. Being able to live without pain and discomfort is what many have hoped for when they purchased over the counter creams and lotions with promises of a life without pain, only to be disappointed over and over again. But don’t worry, there is hope!

Nnodum Pharmaceuticals is proud to carry a selection of creams and lotion specially designed to provide unparalleled arthritis pain relief and the best moisturizers and lotions for dry skin. ZIKS Pain Relief Cream uses a specially designed triple action formula which provides fast acting arthritis pain relief that also works on muscle sprains and strains.

We also carry Ammonium Lactate cream and lotion that are clinically proven to relieve dry, rough and cracked skin. The secret lies in the Ammonium Lactate itself. We use a special formula consisting of 12% Ammonium Lactate, which is the active ingredient in our cream and lotion, to provide dry skin relief that you can’t get with any other formula.

We believe in providing full body pain relief that steams into what vitamins your body is receiving as well. Along with creams and lotions, we also carry Vitamin D3, a vitamin that is important to those with a vitamin d deficiency, muscle aches, weak bones and those at risk for osteoporosis.

Shop today and see all that Nnodum Pharmaceuticals can offer. You’ll come to find that our pain relief and dry skin solutions are what you’ve been looking for all along. Don’t hesitate to try the best creams and lotions on the market; you’ll be glad you did!